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Jollof Cafe

– A taste of the Jungle is a family

– friendly with fun serving breakfast and dinner in exotic way!

Not only providing nutritious menus under high standard hygienic environment, it also serves as a miniature Africa continent in the UK.

The ambience plus the music can depict how the food will taste like. Mostly exotic food will be displayed however;
there will be modifications to certain food to suit every Jollof guest.

The Main cuisine has been carefully selected from different parts of Africa such as Northern including Morocco, Eastern including Kenya,
Southern including South Africa and Western including Ghana and Nigeria.

According to study most UK tourists already visit some of these countries, nevertheless, due to the economic downturn Jollof Cafe
is bringing the heart of Africa into UK stomach.

This will save most families travel costs however; Jollof Cafe will carry the drum beat of the Sahara hunters
with its freshly prepared flavour of Africa.



Jollof Cafe was engineered by the visionary proprietor Kathleen Kwakye-Donkor.

She graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in (BA) International Hospitality Management
with a second class honours degree in June 2010.

Not only that but also studied at most of the top Polytechnics in Republic of Ghana West Africa, Takoradi and Ho Polytechnic studying Catering.

With her experience from Disney World Florida, especially at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, working at various places in the UK, Africa
and being of an African origin, she knows how beneficial it is to put a smile in the face of guests with excellent guest service relation.

Jollof which literally means One Pot is very popular in the Western part of Africa, it is still a mystery which particular part of Africa is actually originated from. Some argue is from Senegal by Wolof language, whilst others suggest Sierra Leone. However, almost all the Western African Countries cook it differently making it very unique.

The name Jollof was chosen for the Cafe because its meaning depicts most of the African way of cooking such as Egusi Soup, Goat Light Soup and Koose Nuggets